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Fiyaz Mughal OBE, Member of the Expert Group, Commission for Countering Extremism and Founder and Director, Faith Matters (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the scale of the threat posed to vulnerable individuals by extreme narratives from Islamic fundamentalists and the far right
  • Assessing the public sector’s response to radicalisation and how the process can be challenged through effective safeguarding interventions and rehabilitation
  • Discussing the scope of a new independent review into the Prevent strategy announced in January 2019
  • Evaluating the next steps in delivering high quality multi-agency working across the public sector in supporting those at risk through the Channel process

Senior Representative, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, Home Office (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing national progress across the education system in preventing, identifying and challenging extremism
  • Exploring the latest DfE guidance in ensuring robust safeguarding against radicalisation, promoting British values and supporting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development for pupils
  • Analysing how approaches to counter extremism can successfully be embedded within curricula to support self-sufficiency and resilience against extreme content and influences
  • Evaluating the next steps in supporting schools to enhance multi-agency collaborations, community engagement and parental partnerships

Sachin Shah, Head of the Operations Unit, Due Diligence & Counter Extremism Division, Department for Education (DfE) (CONFIRMED)
Salam Katbi, FE/HE South West Regional Prevent Co-ordinator, Department for Education (DfE) (CONFIRMED)

  • Analysing how individuals and communities can be empowered to enhance social cohesion and integration to tackle common causes of radicalisation
  • Supporting engagement with vulnerable young people who are hard to reach through traditional public services
  • Sharing solutions in delivering community-based interventions including mentoring, skill development and neighbourhood forums to support cohesion of isolated individuals
  • Delivering targeted interventions for high risk individuals to support better understand of religion, tolerance and freedom of expression
  • Assessing the core barriers to community cohesion and the role of the public sector in facilitating grassroots support for vulnerable individuals

Hanif Qadir, CEO, Active Change Foundation (CONFIRMED)

  • Examining what constitutes successful counter-extremism policing and assessing the future of preventing and disrupting radicalisation through policing interventions
  • Evaluating the role of community policing, outreach and multi-agency partnerships in challenging the development of radical activity
  • Assessing the latest updates from the Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit in preventing the dissemination of extreme content online
  • Understanding how the principles of safeguarding and support for individuals at risk can be embedded within Prevent policing

Detective Superintendent Vicky Washington, Deputy National Co-ordinator for Prevent, National Counter Terrorism Policing (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing how prisons can successfully tackle the risk presented by extreme prisoners
  • Analysing the role of high-quality training to support frontline prison and probation staff in identifying, reporting and combatting extreme behaviour
  • Exploring how targeted interventions can support rehabilitation and reintegration into society for prisoners on release

Claudia Sturt, Executive Director, Security, Order and Counter Terrorism, Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service (CONFIRMED)

  • Ensuring health professionals are effectively trained and supported to meet the Prevent Duty and protect those at risk of grooming
  • Embedding robust Prevent responses into safeguarding practices across the NHS
  • Understanding the mental health challenges associated with radicalisation and how health professionals can prepare for these risks in vulnerable individuals
  • Assessing how health professionals can report concerns and enhance multi-agency collaboration in line with wider safeguarding responsibilities

Paul McCann, London Regional Prevent Coordinator, NHS England (CONFIRMED)
Nicky Brownjohn, Head of Safeguarding (London), NHS England (CONFIRMED)

*Please note that the afternoon sessions will divided into specific breakout work streams for Education and Local Authorities/ Police

*Programme Subject to Change